Updates to tech specs page

We’re working to make your Glowforge meet the specifications we told you to expect - expanded bed size, pro passthrough software, and more. But we’ve heard customer feedback recently from folks who purchased their Glowforge secondhand. They never had a chance to get any communication from us on these topics, so they don’t know what got better (e.g. more Z-depth) and what’s not where it should be yet (the X- and Y-distance, for example).

To fix this, we’re going to update the site to reflect the state of the product as it is today. I just went through the tech specs to update them. I’m posting this because:

  1. I want everyone to know this doesn’t change what we’re working on for all of you, and
  2. If anyone sees anything that’s incorrect, I’d love to hear about it.



For the curious, here’s the previous version.


I’m surprised you don’t mention the shields that ship with the Pro. I see the argument that the tech specs page isn’t the place to explain, “it’s still a class 4 but can be treated like a class 1 with the shields installed”, but was still kinda surprised. Also, no mention of the laser training materials. Again, maybe not the place.

Did you taupe-up the plastics? The photos on top (except the unit sitting on top of a taupe filter) don’t look as white as mine. What’s Michelle been doing - she’s been there at least a day or two.

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Those are ancient photos, and poorly color balanced to boot - Michelle’s getting some new ones taken. :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback!


A few comments on the specs page that may be worth a look.

Work Area section.

  1. The maximum material depth says “unlimited” but this is actually only true for 1/4" or less material.
  2. The third line mentions specifically “cutting area” limitations but doesn’t mention “engraving area” which leaves up for interpretation what those limits are.

The AutoFocus second line mentions printing on materials up to .5" thick but I think you mean up to .5" focus length rather than actual material thickness.


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