Updating New Beta/PreRelease Testers with the "Beta user" Badge

So, I was curious if anyone may have heard, or knows when the new Beta Testers (A.k.a. The Lucky Ones) will receive the “Beta users” Badge?

Not sure if it’s just me, but I frequently go to that badge to look at Beta Users and see what they have been up to. It’s cool to see products made with lazer cutters, but EVEN COOLER :sunglasses: to see products made with a Glowforge so you know what you’re seeing, is something you can make with the product you will have…eventually… (is it too soon for delay jokes?)

Welp I was just curious, if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have anyone has ability to make that badge apply to me… :wink: that too would be greatly appreciated…:moneybag::beers::pizza: (Those icons reference bribe options just as an fyi)

UPDATE: I’m referring to the new-er “PreRelease Unit” testers. I’m aware of the current 11 users with the badge.
Thank you and sorry for the confusion.


Did you sign up for Beta Testing?

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Here ya go.

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Thank you @Jules and @jkopel I guess I need to update my post. My question is about the New-er Beta Testers/PreRelease Testers, I have been following the “Original 11” beta testers (like yourselves) for a while, I was hoping to find out when the newer members would be updated.

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Oh gotcha…they’re notoriously slow about updating the status…chuckle! Josh the only one for months, even though he wasn’t the only one.

They don’t generally list the in-house testers.

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Also un-sure whether there will be a new badge-designation for pre-release recipients, so far no.


Hmm, I am not aware of any new(er) beta testers.
There are two (known) pre-release units in the wild, one with @marmak3261 and one with the Tested crew. The difference is (I think) in the agreement they signed.

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Sorry in my head “Beta Tester” and “PreRelease Tester” are interchangeable, simply just because they are both people who I envy.

@jbv I guess with the slight change in naming there could be, makes it harder for me to stalk the Beta/PreRelease Testers post though… we have to think about the UX here ha.

@Jules very true, maybe I’ll get an update about an update about it lol. I’m hoping GF has a sense of humor so if the PreRelease Sorting Hat chooses me, someone doesnt say “No, not him, he thinks hes ‘funny’ look.”

Overall thank you all for responding, I wasn’t expecting anything so quickly.


I’m just a regular and am in good company. I checked the first day a couple times and now I let it go. Beta testers have access to functionality in development, I assume. I have access as a normal basic user would. Which is fine with me.


And you aren’t under NDA, so nothing you post has to be vetted by glowforge. Makes it different enough to warrant a new badge. But since there are only 2 known preGlows, it would not be too valuable yet.
Also, other preGlows may not want to advertise themselves. They are not required to, and it could be intimidating for some to have questions start flying in at them.


i sure wouldn’t. I’m impressed that @marmak3261 is undertaking all of this on our behalf.


True, I’m sure they would be bombarded with questions, you’d have to turn notifications on your phone off. It would be nicer to fly under the radar… Just less fun for me to be able to track it all. But the world would go on.


You can do that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Also remember I’m envious of you…


We haven’t thought about the badge situation at all… hm!


It’s understandable, I would not put this in a “Top Priority” list at all. I just was hoping to “follow” that group easier, but I would rather have all hands on deck with the GF development, rather than my ease of stalking haha.

Going to honest, posting this I assumed I would get one response. I am very pleased to be wrong, I originally was giddy when some of the Beta-Testers responded, then even giddier when a Pre-Release Tester responded, and then BOOM! Dan also responded! Safe to say I felt like I was in a conversation with celebrities.

Thank you all for your help and contributions. Keep up the good work!
@Jules @jkopel @jbv @marmak3261


Can’t speak for the others you listed, but I sho’ ain’t no celeb.
But here is a quick vector drawing of your forum avatar anyway, since you didn’t ask for anything of the like.
ryanjohnson430.pdf (330.3 KB)

also notice you are in SacTown… nice! I’m in woodland.
I’ll be at Ace Of Spades tonight with my girlfriend to see my friend’s group open for The Living Legends. If you are into west-coast underground hiphop, roll through. Should be a good show!

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I’m cool with it. I wonder if it has something to do with how the beta units function at a higher level that the prerelease basic I have. Some features aren’t available for my use. Wish there we more announces because I’m feeling kind of awkward and all. But the rest of the forum members are just fine for me. Happy to be regular.


I wish I would have seen this earlier! I know the Living Legends (not personally), I saw their show the last time they went to CSUS, bummed that I am discovering this too late.

Also thank you for the vector drawing, I hope to hopefully be able to print some cool vectors in the near future on some cool materials. I just finished building my PC since I needed a proper build to design, rather than using a Chromebook lol. I’m slowly getting the place ready so it feels right at home when it gets delivered.

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