Upgrade from Basic to Pro (without air filter)?

I see on my upgrade screen that I can upgrade my Basic model without air filter to a Pro model without air filter for $1,500 extra. I was thinking you HAD to have the Pro model WITH the air filter because that’s the only way you can use it. Please explain if I can vent the Pro model to the outside without purchasing the air filter.

yea you can vent it outside, you don’t need the filter

@apix is spot on. You can use a 4" dryer vent with either basic or pro.

@apix is correct. Early on they introduced the ‘Pro Upgrade No Air Filter’ because people were asking for it. If you can vent out a window, there is no need for the filter.

Thanks for the quick replies. One more somewhat related question on upgrading (if not on ventilation): If I choose to NOT use the passthrough on the Pro, is the bed still limited to a 12" by 20" piece of material? Someone had posted somewhere that you could do 20x20", but I don’t think so, unless your material is being passed through (thus limited to the 1/4" thickness.

Yes, the bed’s 12x20 and only the passthrough gets bigger stuff in there.

Yeppers. The bed has the same size constraints when disregarding passthrough .

I think Dan and I are on at the same time - I will slow down since he is more of the authority here - I’m just a happy customer :slight_smile:

You folks are awesome!!

I’m about to go back to the rest of my job, so don’t stop. :wink:

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OK, Dan, here’s ONE more: If I upgrade to Pro w/ vent for $2,000, but later remove the vent option, or downgrade to Basic, do I lose the early bird benefit? In other words, might it COST me money to downgrade if the full price Basic has become as expensive or more than the half price Pro w/ Vent? Hope that’s making sense.

@dan - since we’re talking the filter, how does the unit feed into the filter? Mine will be next to a door - my hope is that I’ll typically vent it outside, but sometimes through the filter. Is that feasible to think that’s possible?

Yes, you can swap between filter/vent.
If you downgrade, it’s treated as a refund + purchase at current price.

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I THINK you may end up paying more. To downgrade it is currently thought that you end up paying the non-earlybird price. This late in the game your best bet is to get what you want and plan to stick with it.

@Dan once again totally awesomely clear answer! So I have 2 hours and 54 minutes to decide. :slight_smile:
And thanks @Brandon as well. You and everyone have been super helpful and VERY quick.

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OR order a basic today yet and cancel the one you end up not wanting. LOL! (don’t yell at me - that’s my wife’s idea!) :wink:

Glad to hear the venting can be either or - will be an easy way to trim down how often I’ll need to swap out the filter since I normally have that door open while I’m working anyways.