Upgrade to pro, cost, slot mod

This video from LinusTechTips reminded me of the warranty talk in this thread. It also made me lament living on planet Earth.


I bet somebody could possibly fashion some sort of skirt or bladder to help keep the smoke in. I dunno.


If I choose to upgrade to Pro, will I have to wait longer to receive my unit? Does it change my “place in line”?

Scarce minutes so not going to search right this second but pretty certain @dan has said it does not change your place and pro and basic will be shipping nearly simultaneously.

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Thank you. After a little search, I was indeed quickly able to find two posts from Dan confirming that you would retain your place in line.

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Wondering if anyone decided to “widen” the basic model?

I’ve been thinking about this allot. (Wanted to etch the bottom of skateboard decks, centered) thinking about fabricating custom rubber/silicone “inserts” to plug the hole air tight around the board, also thinking about cutting the bottom off so this can be set on top of things, again, with a silicone/rubber seal.

Anyone know where there is a full SPEC (expanded or see through wireframe) of the Basic model to double check where components are? I figure 1 year warranty wait is enough time to plan out that kind of thing.

Not widen, but “lengthen” the basic model, yes.

README (Read all the cautions in the README, not my problem if you poke out an eye):


If you print one and use it, post pictures!
And don’t forget eye protection, and laser class4 certification is required before you use this.


Nice job :slight_smile: That was something I found early on with the PRU but didn’t make any noise about because of the whole safety issue - I was using GF’s laser and didn’t want them to have any ancillary liability because I did (& posted) something that defeated their safety interlocks. It’s one of those “if you can figure it out, you’re probably smart enough to use it safely” and “if you need instructions, you probably aren’t ready to use it that way” kind of things :smile:

This does make it into an operating Class IV laser and so all appropriate safety precautions should be taken. It also opens up a fairly large air intake/exhaust hole that can result in more smells & smoke in the room - if you have an inline booster fan in your exhaust hose that can help overcome the larger than designed for opening.

BTW, I believe 2 of your magnets are superfluous. I only need two and it looks like you’re running 4 in there - 2 on the sides and 2 on the top.


Yes and yes. Class4 and get yer certification, etc. for sure.

But for the magnets, two on top trip the sensors and two on the sides hold the panel on. From what I found the two on top were needed while the side ones were convenient to snap into place.

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Hmmm…my sensors were on the side. I haven’t looked at the Pro. Wonder if they moved things after the PRU.

Idk. I have a basic. I don’t know what PRU is… another person on the Facebook group who discovered the sensor trick had the same top oriented (under the lid) positioning, and also had a basic

The PRU was a Pre-Release Unit. A bunch of us had them starting back in Dec 2016 (@marmak3261). We ran them through their paces before they went to production manufacturing. All of them were Basics except some of them (mine included) had a Pro tube. But since they were pre-production units they used our learnings to tweak the final production units.


You’re my hero!


Mine is not prerelease.

Neither is mine anymore. In fact I think the last PRU was returned this month. But the last time I needed to do something with the front door down was before I got the Pro so I haven’t checked to see where the sensors are now. Seems they may have moved or added some.

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Mine (basic) are on top.


How well does this Semi-Pro slot work for you? Do you get a lot of smoke/debris? Do you run it in your house, or in a shop/garage/etc? Have you looked at possibly installing some type of brush skirt guard?

There is already a soft silicone flap on the slot. I get zero smoke through the slots because the machine is negatively pressured when running with exhaust fans.

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I run it in my garage. No more smell than normal. The air pressure inside the unit sucks, literally, so it’s not like smoke is coming out the front slot…

@subatomic, I haven’t taken pictures yet, so I have none to post, but I’m loving my “semi-pro” slot mod right now, and wanted to send a very belated thanks for the file. :slight_smile: