Upgraded Doctor Who clock

Wife brought home a beat up clock a couple months ago, busted mechanicals, overall sad shape. Over the past few days, I replaced the clock workings, polished the case and glass dome, and replaced the classic roman numeral dial.

12 Doctors engraved around the basswood dial, current Doctor front and center. Not super happy with the hands, I think bright silver or brass would be better, but they’re what I had around. And she’s happy, so will leave it for now.

Design adapted from librarylaser.com


Well, she is … but it’s actually a tribute to Doctor Who. :wink:

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I love it! I’m totally outing my geek here, but is there a meaning to the Gallifreyan in the background or did you go totally random?

Also I’m not sure if it would work but why not make the hands resemble your favorite (or her favorite) sonic screwdrivers?

She asked the same thing. It’s part of the original design, so no idea. Go nuts though, let me know what you find out.

Unless it reads “Capaldi Rulez,” in which case I don’t wanna hear it. :wink:

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That turned out great for a beat up clock. Nice conversion.

Nice to give new life to something.

thats so cool!