Upload on the + button ADDS to your drawing

That’s useful. The regular upload replaces your current image.
But the + Upload on the new Premium Beta toolbar adds the upload and doesn’t replace it.
That is actually quite useful

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Not sure what you’re experiencing, but the functionality has not changed, just the location of the option. It used to be under material selection, now it’s under the (+).

Dragging a file to the window always did this, yeah?

Didn’t that upload replace the current drawing. Certainly if you go Home, Upload it does, where as the +upload doesn’t.

@evansd2, yes same as the old drag and drop

It’s not the most earth-shattering, just really useful when you want to load a few - particular into the same place and then move them exactly. I know very similar to cut-and-paste, but then the position changes. Also means you can align things externally in your drawing program in different files then load them both up.

Just a neat little way of getting there

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No, that creates a new design, it doesn’t affect existing designs. That hasn’t changed either.

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