UPS Changes

From their latest email update:

UPS is also taking steps to minimize exposure to our customers by adjusting how we handle signature required packages. Now, your UPS Driver will confirm the recipient has taken possession of these packages without asking anyone to sign manually.

Ha. Our FedEx driver was 'way ahead of them on this. I guess when he left our iPhones sitting in the dirt by the front gate, next to the public road, he was practicing “safe social distancing” ahead of everyone else!


Little did you know! :crazy_face:


Some drivers have been way ahead of the curve for some time now.


Yeah fedex here asked a couple of times if I wanted them to sign for me… then the last time he just said they aren’t even bothering any more. :slight_smile:

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I have been part of an anonymous quality assessment program for a major carrier for years. Don’t get me started.

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