Ups "Misrouted " my forge...and now I wait in limbo

So was excited for today’s delivery…got my crumbtray this morning around 11 and figured my forge wasn’t far behind. Well that was a bit overshooting, now just got an update and for some reason they had “misrouted” it. With a undetermined date and time. And due to work and unforseen car issues i am unable to pick it up from the hub…so guess I’m still waiting.Maybe tomorrow…all the sadness and some excitment!!

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And now there is an exception marked on my upschoice!! Ups definition of exception is . “Examples of exception include: address unknown, damage to shipment, or signature not received.” So i know my address is right since I received my crumb, worried that it fell off the truck did a couple of flips then dragged back to the truck where they have an assortment of fancy ribbons around, just to make it look prettier to distract you from the carnage!!( too much🙌)

A final test of your mental fortitude. :persevere:


Ha…true that. Not only does this company provide this with an amazing product but also teaching you to take a breath and learn patience!!


In spades. It has been a valuable lesson for me!

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Well looks like not today…after talking to customer service the lady insured me that it was on the truck and will be here before 9pm. Not even 10 min later looked at the tracking…rescheduled for tommorow from 9 to 4. What’s one more day right…whoohoo

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what’s one more day after waiting…over 2 years since I purchased it and just received it this week.

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Yepp ordered my in 2015…no one believes me that it’s almost here, I’ll show all them with my pew pew skills one of these days!!!