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For some reason my tracking number for my glowforage is not being associated with my UPS my choice account. I called to find out what the issue was and they said the shipper has a restriction that prevents the package from being added to that. I said this could not be possible considering they are the ones who suggested using it. He insisted there was nothing he could do. Has anybody run into this?




First I’ve seen of that here. Sounds like you probably had a rep giving you the run around.

You recently signed up, right? Did you get the verification card through USPS?

I suppose GF sent you a tracking number already? If you need it held for pickup, you should be able to do that over the phone.


Hmm, that doesn’t sound right. At least, I’ve not heard of this before and it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. As you said - GF encouraged you to set the up the act with UPS, so why would they restrict info? Have you verified and used your My Choice account before, and do other deliveries show up there when you log on?

Even if there’s a glitch with the UPS account, I think JB’s right - they should be able to sort out delivery details over the phone.

Are you having it shipped to a residential address? If not, it won’t work with UPS My Choice.

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Sorry, but this is not my experience.
Mine is residential, and I use it to track my wife’s purchases as well as my own !

Not sure I understand your response. I was saying it only works for residential addresses.

Sorry, my bad. Still eating breakfast and the old grey cells confused by the double negative !
Need more coffee !

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Now I want breakfast. :bacon:

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I’d rather be with my Glowfinger than 4000miles away, having breakfast !

Yep. Residential. I’ll call again. It’s the luck of the draw with phone agents, though they are usually pretty good.

The only other thing I can think of, other than UPS just being wrong, is that my Glowforge was addressed to my name, but with a GF in front of it. I think l remember others saying this caused issues for them. Maybe whoever put it in the system didn’t associate “GF Your Name” with you. If you add “GF Your Name” as one of the names on your account, maybe it will show up.

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Not completely sure how the My Choice needs to be set up. It took quite a while for all of our shipments to show on the calendar page because my wife’s deliveries were under several variations of her name. It didn’t seem to matter that the addresses were exactly the same. Had to enter Vinetta, VLynn and Lynn to get them all.

It showed in mine last August and all the subsequent proofgrade shipments have shown. It goes by name and address, so if the name is misspelled that would be an issue.