UPS! They are HERE!


So I jumped in the shower (don’t jump in the shower) thinking that as soon as I did UPS would show up. I was right. I put an iPad in the window and facetimed myself - good thing. They would have left otherwise.

More to follow


Congrats! Hope setup will all work out well!


HAHA you did something I would have done. I’m a techie so I’d have Facetimed myself too in that situation. :joy:


Congrats!!! Have fun! I love seeing everyone’s delivery pictures!


@dan - Man, the box is nice. (Missing 2 handles). And, the weirdest thing. NO GLOWFORGE in it.
Just an empty box - I am patient though. Can you send a new one ASAP? :smiley:


No Glowforge? Then that UPS guy must be pretending it’s a heavy box :grin:


Same here and as a bonus the release tab on one of the remaining handles was torn off. The UPS guy made me sign for it. A couple small cuts to the outside of the big box, but in much better shape than some of what we’ve seen here.


He was laughing like mr. Burns as he drove away


I had a problem getting it set up. It turned on, turnwd to teel, i was able to connect to it but it never calibrated. Then the app said that it was just trying to cool. Then I looked around on the form and found something about putting the head in the center of the lid and then recalibrating. that seemed to work printed up my Founders ruler looking good


Let me know if that works :grin:


I hit the same re-centering the head so got that done.


It seems like every photo we have seen shows them carrying it on end, even though it has a “this side up” label.
I use to work at UPS and this was a major no-no.
What will it take for UPS to read the label and follow it!
Glad to hear that yours is working good, but so many others have had issues.


I don’t think it is practical for one person to carry it flat and UPS nearly always send one person.


Carrying it from the truck to the house, might not be a huge problem, but it also seems to be packed onto the truck on its end.
Jostling on the truck, while up on one end could be one of the ways that these are getting damaged.


I don’t know why Glowforge didn’t go for a wrap around set of straps making the package one giant briefcase. I had a big keyboard when I was young which was carried this way, as was my bass guitar case (which was massive).


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the UPS side of the facetime conversation and not the shower side :slight_smile !