Upscaling your clear acrylic

Hi everyone, I just learned a trick on how to upscale your clear acrylic with cardstock paper and then do projects using your glowforge. This is like the wood modpodge version for acryclics! I hope you enjoy: How do I add cardstock to clear acrylic? - YouTube



Can you add some photos to your post? That’s what the Made on a Glowforge section is for. :slight_smile:


or if you haven’t actually done this yet - the post could be moved to Everything Else :slight_smile:


It’s a cool technique, of course I don’t have that machine…but I wonder how clear 3M tape is…hmmmmm


Great technique! Lots of indoor here and In your channel!

My first thought was similar. I bet it would work, but the 3M tape is hella expensive. If there was something cheap you could slop on there, maybe squeegee out the excess, and get a nice optically clear bond, it would be great.

Well, let’s see… I didn’t have any craft paper with patterns so I just cut an ad out of a magazine cover, then affixed it to a scrap of Proofgrade acrylic with 3M 467MP tape. It cut fine and the image is very clear.

Too expensive to use often, but it does seem to work well.

Hmm… I have another idea but I can’t check it til tomorrow.


OK, next experiment!

I thought a clear wood finish might work. I had some water-based polyurethane, and I found a photo to massacre.

I brushed some poly onto the acrylic, pressed on the photo, and then squeegeed it to try and get out the bubbles. When I flipped it over and peeled back the masking, it looked pretty good!

There were some spots around the perimeter where the finish didn’t adhere, but I decided to put a weight on it and come back later today.

It looks good after cutting…

But look at the edges. You can see it isn’t stuck down. The photo peeled off the acrylic very easily even after a day of pressure.

The sealer just didn’t dry.

This photo paper is probably darn near water proof though. I will try this again with regular paper to see if it will dry out.

I’ll check out my other adhesives too… This is a nice effect, there must be a way to get a clear bond on the cheap. Thank you for the inspiration @roberta.capp !


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