UrForge has arrived!

OK, I’m not sure I’m calling it UrForge but I still can’t think of anything.
But whatever, it’s Here!

UPS window was 10:00-2:00 today, it arrived at 9:30 AM. Which is sweet, but as others have advised: on the day yours comes, just be available the whole day; you never know.

I left nothing to chance:

Turns out I heard them pull up, but you can’t be too careful.

Box was in great shape; normal corner wear, missing only one handle. UPS had it up on end on the truck but at least not upside down.

The Tray and Hose box arrived with it. Also in great shape.

In the main box, the Forge itself looked good. Plastic bag intact, no liquid pooling within, no scratches or dings that I could see, except a strange dent-looking area on the inside of the lid in the back, on the silver strip between the hinges. Doesn’t look like a structural issue, so not concerned about it.

But, so far that’s it, all else looks really clean. Lid fits well.

The laser head, cord, and glasses are all where they belong.

So, so far so good! Despite being home, today’s a work day so actually trying this puppy out will have to wait until this evening.

Super excited. Gonna be a long day.


I like your style! :sunglasses::+1: Congrats!


“UPS: Honk” is much nicer than “If you leave here without giving me my GF I will hunt you down like an animal!”.


Glad it made it safely to it’s new home! Have fun!


Haha–loved your gentle hint to UPS!


I’m a big-time over-communicator. :blush:

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did you get your materials? cause mine ships tomorrow and i still havent heard anything on shipping the materials so just wondering?

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Also nice Documentation :smiley:


By materials, do you mean the Proofgrade samples? If so, yes, I got those almost two weeks ago. I’d contact support if you are due to get your GF tomorrow and the PG hasn’t arrived yet.