Urgent Request for Extra Black Cable

This needs to be better. My glowforge in not operational again, the second time in a few months.

Once again, I need to replace the black cable on the inside to fix the “lid error” message.

After emails and chats throughout the day yesterday, it has been determined that this cable needs replacing again. Fine, well not fine, not happy about it but it is what it is.

I need the part delivered tomorrow and now I cannot get anyone to give me the invoice for expedited shipping so I can pay and get the part shipped out.

This is beyond frustrating.

Does anyone have an extra black cable that they can spare? I will happily pay for it as well as shipping.

I am at risk of losing the biggest order to date and I am losing my mind.

Please help.

Is this a request for actual GF support? The reason I ask is that this opens an additional support ticket. If it’s a request for peer support (in other words, someone selling you an extra black cable), I can bump it over to everything else for you where it will likely get better exposure. Lots of folks do not casually read the problems and support section.


I appreciate the reply. I need the part and would welcome any and all exposure.



If you’ve got the name of the rep you’ve been interacting with, you can tag them here - but I imagine your best bet would be haunting the https://glowforge.com/support page until that “contact us” bottom on the bottom right turns to “chat”

Fingers crossed for you!

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Which may well be never. I’ve never once seen it go live.

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Interesting - I’m on the same coast so it may help, but I usually see it live (of course it’s not now) I’m guessing they only have a few reps who are trained on the chat system so one of them has to be working for it to be live.

**not that the systems are generally all that hard to learn, but every company I’ve been at that has had one has been reluctant to train everybody…I’ve never gotten a good answer as to why!

I was able to chat with someone and nothing can be done. Although it is determined that I need the part, shipping costs are known, I cannot actually pay the invoice for shipping until “a senior associate’s email with the invoice for the expedited shipping of the cables.”

I am so disappointed. Customer service is non existent with Glowforge. I understand and appreciate all the support and insight through the forum but for situations like this, the forum is not the end solution. There needs to be a much better focus on keeping their existing customers satisfied and their respective business ventures going. Unless something miraculous happens, I am going to lose out on the largest order I have ever had the chance for…all because there isn’t someone at Glowforge who can take my money and ship something out for next day delivery.

So disappointed.

Can’t help with the current situation, so I’m sorry. But I can help you to hopefully prevent this from happening again.

  1. When you install the replacement cable, there is a step in the process where you remove the tape on it and press it down. Make sure that you leave enough slack in it so that opening the lid completely vertical does not pull the cable against the sharp lip behind it.

  2. Or… do not open your lid fully upright. It’s got piano hinges and you don’t need to open it fully upright. That prevents the wires in the cable from breaking as quickly, although over time, they will still wear from flex stress and break. Being gentle with it is going to go a long way to extend life.

  3. And it wouldn’t hurt to keep a spare cable on hand if your business depends on having one in less than a week. Support is currently not set up to get them sent out in one day. Prepare for that and keep a spare on hand. (I’m looking at one right here still in the tube.)

So keep those things in mind and catch the next big order. :slightly_smiling_face:


Given the situation… If it were me, I wouldn’t be afraid to sub the work out and take a middle-man cut. You make a little cash, but more importantly, you stay on their radar for future work for when you’re up and running again.


What Jules said - order two.


Hi Jules,

Thanks for your additional recommendations and I plan I’m getting 2 whenever Glowforge responds to me (soooo frustrating).

Is there any way I can buy your extra cable from you? I can cover your cost, shipping, and shipping back to you with another cable when mine arrive?

If not, do you know of anyone who also has an extra that may be willing to help me?

I am in dire straits here and can’t afford to lose the time this weekend for jobs.



Where are you based? Maybe someone near you can at least help with GF time if not a cable.


We are based in Sacramento.

Sorry, wouldn’t do you any good…I’m too far away. (Looking into local users is a good idea though if you want to farm the job out.)

I am willing to pay for FedEx Shipping which would eliminate any distance issues.

I do not know of other people close to me that can assist.

I understand this is a HUGE request, I am desperate.

Thanks in advance for considering.


@jbignami I am sorry that support has been slow in responding to you. I’ve just followed up with you via email and sent you the replacement cable.


I’m curious did your cable get shipped out by glowforge? I started this same process Thursday afternoon (3/14) finally got support to order the part (Dakota who is a very responsive rep). I, too, paid for expedited shipping. As of 5 pm EST tonight (11/18) this parts (I ordered 2 based on the advice from fellow forgers) the item has not shipped. The label has only been created which means it is not on a truck. Anyone who ships knows that.
Additionally, it is not expected to arrive until Thursday evening, if it makes it on a truck tonight. To me, that is not the expedited shipping I paid for. I have been told “a senior representative” will contact me via email.
Very disappointed in customer service.
Glowforge needs to step up their game.

After working through MANY representatives at Glowforge, I was able to receive confirmation that the cables ordered ultimately shipped out yesterday for delivery today.

It should be noted that last Wednesday, I requested next-day shipping. I spent most of Thursday and Friday trying to get in contact with anyone who could confirm this order would be processed.

I was unsuccessful until yesterday to receive confirmation that the cables shipped.

Fingers crossed they actually deliver today and this resolves the issues we are experiencing.


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