US License Plate template?

Hello all! I don’t suppose anyone has a handy file that’s a template (sized and appropriate mounting holes) for a US License plate? I had an idea for my Dad’s fathers day present, but don’t have the time to run several tests…I need something that I know is the right size/mount.

Thanks in advance if anyone has one to point me at or share!



I suspect the plate on your car meets those specs… :grin: I wouldn’t be smart enough to ask that. I usually re-invent the wheel when embarking on a new exploration.


LOL. I was hoping that someone had an Illustrator or PDF or something template. Ah well. I’ll put something together manually. :slight_smile:

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Has an .ai available:


I would update any of these with lower holes as well. I’ve had acrylic stress fracturing when inly using the upper holes to attach to the vehicle. Similarly I’ve had car washes and things pull at the lower edge and if it’s not fastened it pulls against the top which causes more stress flexing.

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Not all vehicles have the lower holes. You can use nylon/plastic screws with a wide head to help prevent cracking, or put a nylon/plastic washer under the head of a metal screw.

My car only has the uppers, but the smoked cover I use has 4, so I just have short plastic bolts and nuts holding the lower part to the plate.

Even for the rear? I knew it was optional for the front plate (if used) but thought all rear ones in the U.S. were required to have lowers too.

I double-checked and there are no lower holes in the plastic. As eflyguy says, you could make some, but they are not there from the factory.

Looking at that ugly dealer advertising, it reminds me I need to do something about this. Hmmm, if I only had a tool…

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If you find yourself out of luck, let me know… I might just have a tool :wink:

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Might be something to do with the fact that most modern cars are sold in different markets, with different plate shapes and sizes. If they had the US-spaced holes below, then EU/UK plates would not cover them, for example.

That never stopped the U.S. from requiring something despite the rest of the world doing something different :smile:

It even happens in the U.S. I once had to pay a surcharge on a car bought in CT for compliance to CA emissions rules. What sucked was if I bought it in CA I’d have gotten different warranty terms than I did get. CT adopted the standards but did not require the warranty enhancements so I paid extra but didn’t get extra.

couldn’t you just put it in the glowforge and scan it?

I’m a little late, but I just threw one together yesterday for my car and added it to the Free Laser Designs category (this topic popped up while I was typing up that post):


Thanks Seth! heh heh you may have just helped me figure out something to make for my son’s birthday! Woot!

@griffey Use the trace function?