USB holder

Made a USB holder with acrylic cap. I think it turned out great. Used the same concept as my record player the other day.


That’s a lot of USB sticks!


What a great way to corral your USB sticks; I love it. The way you use the charred edges as design elements is pretty cool, too.

In some of the photos, all the spots are empty, but in others there is a very short object in the far RH spot. I’m just curious, what is it?

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That’s just one of those tiny usb dongles for my wireless mouse so I don’t lose it. They also make usb flash drives that size so just showing it can hold most sizes.


Here I was thinking - ooh, I should make something like that but it’ll have to be a lot larger! :stuck_out_tongue:
So many sticks come with caps, but they’re not tied on in any way so they always get lost. This would be a BIG step up on the empty Rocher box I’ve got mine in!


Thank you for saying this because I was thinking several similar thoughts

I’d send pics but I’d only embarrass myself with my messy desk. :innocent: