Use your brains!

My wife has pretty much taken over using our Glowforge. She has been making cutting boards for our customers. She took some time off to work on a few other projects, shut the machine down cleaned it out, etc.

Then a few days later she turns it on to replace the cutting boards she sold. The laser tube kept jumping track. She contacts support, after a week of a SINGLE email response a day she sends photos, videos, description of the problem. The tech finally comes back YESTERDAY at the CLOSE OF BUSINESS telling me I need to purchase a factory refurbished replacement machine for $2000!

That is the about the point I got involved. Having 42+ years of eperience in technology, various machihnes, military service, being a Firefighter and JUST BEING ALIVE! I looked further. Turns out the rollers on the track weren’t spinning very freely. SO, with a bit of manual spinning, moving the tube arm through all of its range of motion, a bit of dry lihtium and making sure there was NO debris in the chamber all is well!

So, this supposed “professional support tech” apparently trained by Glowforge determined that we needed a WHOLE other machine to fix the problem. Never did they try and do a video call with my wife to look further, they just based their decision on the logs (wich showed no issues btw), a couple of pictures and a short 10 second video of the tube jumping track!!!


Use y’alls brains, common sense, some true critical thinking and don’t let Glowforge rob you of your hard earned money becasuse of the short-comings and laziness of their “professional” techs.


Yeah I would suggest to trouble shoot on your own first, also check YouTube. I’m pretty sure plenty of people with Glowforges made videos with issues and fixes.

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