Used Glowforge Plus For Sale

I have a used Glowforge Plus that I can sell cheap ($1000 + shipping). It was working when I packed it up after I purchased a new, larger machine. I would, of course, make sure it is still working before I sold it. I do not have room in my tiny shop for both the new machine and the GF, or I would have been using both.
Full Disclosure:

  1. I bought (received) the Glowforge Plus July 27th, 2021.
  2. I received my newer, larger machine on Sept 6, 2022, which is when I packed up the Glowforge back in its original box (packed per instructions) and stored in a storage shed.
  3. I will hook it back up and verify it works and can send a video to interested parties. (you can ask me to engrave something on a piece of wood or something to prove it is working at that time… along with a video of the Serial # or whatever).
  4. I am located in East Texas

I am asking $1000 PLUS shipping.
(or best offer if reasonable)


Finally, a good deal on a used machine. I wish I had the money. I am tired of seeing people posting “I have a used GF Plus. Only used it daily for 2 years. I will sell it for $4994 and I will include 4 scraps of PG Draftboard I still have.”

Good luck. Hope it goes fast.


I was hanging onto it in case I ever got a bigger shop and had room for it, or one of my (adult) kids wanted it, but they are not interested in laser cutters (I guess it isn’t hereditary!! :grin: )


The tube has apparently failed. So I will be making a new post selling it for parts.


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