Used glowforge

I bought a used glowforge. How do I get access to the glowforge application to print??

Did the previous owner already make arrangements to have you set up as the registered owner?

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If I am not mistaken, the original owner needs to contact Glowforge to switch user to you. I don’t know of you can do it on your own.


Unfortunately I don’t think so and their customer service is so hard to get in touch with.

No she hasn’t. I will have to get her to contact them, but we probably won’t hear anything for days. :sob:

For some unnown reason customer support has been hard to contact. If it were during the holidays, I would understand them being busy, but it’s February.

If you have the previous owner set you up as a user thru the GF app (machines can have more than one user), you may be able to access the machine and set up on your wifi.


Ok. We will try that. Thank you!!

Exactly this - it’s not worth contacted CS until you’ve been set up as a user. They will modify the user to the owner, and delete the old owner.

This is too late for this instance - but for anyone else reading this, you should be set up as a user prior to you paying for a machine! Make sure it works for you, and then pay - and then have the owner send in the request to CS to make user “name” the owner and to delete the prior owner’s account.


She added me as user. We just picked up machine today.


Let us know if you are able to run the wifi setup process.


It worked! Thanks everyone.


Good to know for future situations, especially when support isn’t particularly responsive!


Thanks for all the help everyone.


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