Useful links for someone getting started with The wide world of lasers!

Hey everyone, so I know I’m still fairly new (only been using since June) but I have found some great and some not so great resources out there and wanted to share some of my experience with you all.

First up: Inkscape
Inkscape is a free Adobe Illustrator replacement. It’s open source and has a lot of scalability once you get used to using it. When comparing this and Illustrator I found this to be over all more useful and the tools more intuitive and user friendly.

Inkscape is also worth putting time into to learn how to use the right way. Once you get some basics down you’ll be able to manipulate any SVG, make some really great, and even troubleshooting projects that just aren’t turning out right.

If you have an Android device check out the following app, it had over 4 hours of training on the in’s and outs of Inkscape.

Art/ resource sites:
For commercially licensed artwork I recommend They have a 15$ a month all access library to over 350,000 vector images. You get to keep the license even if you end the subscription.

Creative fabrica:

This site has more resources geared to things such as Fonts, graphic design, and a lot of other useful resources to help you make the best possible projects. They have a new user promo for their unlimited account to bring it down around 15$ a month, also has commercially licensed products that you get to keep if you drop the subscription.

While it tends to serve more for insperation, there are a ton of great ideas on that site. There have even been a few times where I’ve seen something and decided to make it myself in my own design because I felt I could do it better. It’s free and lots and lots of topics abound here.

I’m sure this isn’t even scratching the surface of resources but it should be enough of a start to get new users going!

Happy making


Great write up and share for those getting started!


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