User Adventure Series?

I know many here, including myself, would like to hear the exciting tale of the GF production problems and how you overcame them. Most are equally aware of why you can’t share that info. I thought it would valuable to create some kind of user adventure series where users could share ventures they were part of, what they learned, how they overcame production problems etc. I would be happy to kick off such a series with an adventure where I started out with a task to open a silica mine in Peru, and it morphed into making composite decking. I have lots of pictures of early attempts at a product and putting together a production line and the slew of problems we encountered, but eventually conquered. Any interest in such a thing?


Well I’m certainly interested in what metamorphosis.


Glowforge investor Max Temkin (creator of Cards Against Humanity) has a cool blog post about low fidelity prototypes of games. Robot Turtles even makes a cameo.

Blurred because the blog title uses a more colorful term than “low fidelity” and because his latest game has an offensive name.


Temkin is an investor? I must have missed that… cool!

Any chance that we could see some sort of CAH-related peripheral thingamajig in the catalog? A “You are a bad person and you should feel horrible about yourself” trophy to be awarded to the winner of each round? Maybe a “little white box” to hold the Nutritional Facts foam divider? A simple retro-arcade-game-message reminder that “Dinners Uon’t Dse Wrugs?”


Trying to think of the perfect material to print out all of the CAH cards on now… Hmm…

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anodized aluminum would be incredible!

but it might be cheaper to use some kind of paper stock meant for cards… a “cardstock”,:grin: if you will…

It’s CAH. Money is no object. :wink:

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I am working on the first installment. Please, be patient.

In writing this, I realize that I am terribly verbose and that only a few would appreciate the fine detail of the back story, so I am going to go for a more minimal description and leave the possibility of attaching the detailed rant as a file if there is an interest in it.

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