Am I missing something here?
Why do we have the ability to create “users” when they ALL must share the same password? That’s not user accounts…that’s a single user.
It’s possible I have missed something…ideas?

Maybe it’s just a way to keep projects separated so the GFUI doesn’t get so cluttered?

…Whoa. That gave me an idea. You could create fake users to categorize your projects instead of having to scroll through multiple pages to find the one you want!


Are you sure they share the same password? I thought they get their own account and can purchase from the shop on their own card, etc.

I just tried making a new user, and you have to email them an invite. I didn’t go all the way through with it, but I’m thinking they probably choose a password when they accept the invite. (I am actually a user on my brother’s GF, but I have no memory of the process now!)

I did the same and no. There is nowhere to set up a password. It simply uses the same password as the main user.

Huh. For my kludgy idea, that’s a good thing, but maybe not so much otherwise.

I’m the second user on our unit and I have distinct password. I got the email invite and it let me set my own.


I’m set up through my makerspace. I have my own password.


I thought that was a cool idea. Outside the box, and a reflection of your creative self!


Each member of my family has their own username AND password. I think you might have missed something somewhere.


Thanks…but I was specifically looking for what I missed.

Any ideas?

Gosh… It’s been a year since I added them. I really don’t recall. There was an e-mail sent to each of them and when they clicked it it validated them and allowed them to set their password. I had to contact Support to change the user name though because it defaulted to e-mail address which contains our last name. But password they we were able to set on our side.

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I have 27 users on mine, each with their own username and password.
from the main app page there is a button in the upper right that says “Add User”.
click on that and put the email address of the user you want to add in the bar and select which printer you want them to have access to by checking the box.
They will receive an email with instructions and link to set up their account. you can view and manage them from the same page you added them (links vertically on left side).