Uses for white polypropylene?



Hey folks, I am hoping a few of you guys have some inspiration for me. I just started a job in a custom lab equipment company. We have DROVES of waste high gloss white polypropylene 1/2” and 1/4" thick. Just…scare tons going into the waste bin. Also tons of makrolon(clear polycarbonate) and clear acrylic(also to brag Stainless sheets and anodize aluminum :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I am looking for ideas or uses for the polypropylene and the clear stuff. Google doesn’t have much . It is all high gloss white , no other colours. I’m guessing maybe at best gears, but that’s boring.

Google tells me it’s all laser able. Just maybe the 1/2" might be a tad to thick for the GF.


You might be able to color with with some dye. You can search the forum or google for that…pretty sure it would work on PP as it works on Delrin (all supposedly based on my own google searchs). That would at least solve your boring white color issue!


Hang on to some. (Send some more to me.) I think we’ll be able to use it.

Matter of fact, hang on to all of it. Move a car out of the garage if you have to. :smile:


I’m not opposed to sample packs to those who have ideas and means to work it(S and H on you).

I’ll look into dyeing. I understand it to have “low surface energy” which seems to mean nothing really sticks or reacts with it. Lacquer thinner just seems to mar the glossy side.

Too soft for cutting boards, too heat reactive for trivets. Maybe form into a bowl post cutting?


I normally don’t correct spelling but in this case i’m gonna make an exception…

That’s… "dyeing".

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At least it is not dieing!


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Dunno, i seem to recall that you were about to look into dying…anyway, I’m glad that’s not the case! Chuckle! :smile:


I guess a high gloss white plastic coffin for me would of been appropriate?


You could probably find a better use for it. :wink:


A sample pack sounds awesome!


I would counter the argument against polypro cutting boards. You have to sterilize them, but softer is better on your edges. Polypro is also great for anywhere you want to clean easily. It is easily machined, though I can’t remember if sharp or blunted tools work best, and I think you have to run it slowly.


Agreed, they make delightful cutting boards - way nicer on your knives than anything that isn’t wood (I wish I could hang the person who ‘invented’ glass cutting boards by their toenails) and super easy to sanitize: just toss them in a dishwasher or spray with bleach and let it sit.

Plus you can make giant cutting boards pretty cheaply, which is kind of a pain with wood.


FWIW, apparently the best attachment method for PP is a heat weld. I’d love to try making some boxes with mostly bent edges…


We use hot air welders here(in the middle of a unit right now). You tack with one attachment then use a different attachment with a welding rod to weld together. The tacks hold very nice but are easily cracked, you need to truly weld it to get a bond.

I would be interested to know if we defocus the laser if parts could be tacked with the GF.

There really no good glues for PolyP.


DO you need a special welding rod, or can you just cut pieces?


I like glass cutting boards for pastry stuff. Pie crusts and the lot. Not so much for knife work.