Using Amazon acrylic with Glowforge Aura

Please help, I’m getting so discouraged :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I purchased 1/8" white and black acrylic on Amazon, but I cannot get it to cut on my Aura machine. Does anyone have any suggestions for the cut settings? I understand they want us to use Prograde material, but you see people on Etsy selling glitter acrylic items or pastel acrylic items; how do they cut those?

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The Aura will not cut white acrylic. It’s a 6 watt diode laser and no 6 watt diode laser can cut white acrylic, it’s just not physically possible due to the wavelength of that type of laser. The Aura should be able to cut black acrylic, although it does require 3 passes and slow speed/ high power, so even with black it’s operating at the limits of its capability.

In order to cut white, pale, or clear acrylic you would need a different type of laser, like the CO2 lasers of the Glowforge Performance series.


More likely with a CO2 laser, not a diode like Aura. But the good news is that Aura does a great job cutting thin medium-darker colors.