Using Canva on Glowforge

Hi everyone!

So I recently got Canva premium so I’d be able to send some “elements” to my glowforge to print but it doesn’t come out in a workable way. It has a gray covering over the image that doesn’t let me do anything. If anyone has any advice on canva or illustrator, I’d really appreciate it.


I’m not familiar with Canva, but am with Illustrator. Can you give a bit more detail (are you trying to engrave, cut, is it a vector or raster image, etc.) and maybe some screenshots?


Sounds like a background element has a fill that is swamping the rest of the design.
The outer shape (cut area) should be a vector path with no fill. If you change that element to cut, it may clear? Not sure without seeing what you are working with.

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When using Canva you have to select SVG file when exporting and make sure you click transparent background.

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