Using chipboard to get my London map dialed in

I found the problem!

The “download” option is only available on the “style” editing page. Not on the actual map after the style is applied. (Seems backwards to me, but oh well.)

Once I went into edit the style, it showed up. So I will play with that.

Thanks again for sharing this!

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Just curious if you can clarify this please? What setting were shared? I was not under the impression the discussion or mention of non proof grade materials was not allowed in MOAG. If this were the case then all the laser tile projects listed there would be problematic. And there are plenty of mentions of birch and poplar ply. Insight is appreciated.

Settings can only be discussed in BTM. We can talking about non-proofgrade as long as we do not give actual numbers to use in the GFUI.

So why the call out?

Exactly. I don’t know. (Sorry, I replied to the wrong post.)

I agree with you. Discussing non-proofgrade materials is fine, as long as we do not discuss settings.

Great job on this! Amsterdam is the city if my birth, and I have tried to create a decent map, but haven’t been satisfied with the result yet.


@arh2 Here is a svg version of the Amsterdam Streets if that helps you get started. I haven’t done the water layer yet because I had no idea how many water crossings there would be. It is going to take me a few days work.

Amsterdam street map


Wow! Thanks @GFjim ! I really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing your file with me.


You’re welcome!

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it was not my intent to “call you out”. In my experience, shortly after makers begin discussing materials, it segues into “what settings did you use?”. i thought it was a friendly reminder. My mistake was that I thought I was replying to @GFjim so I added you to the message so as not to repeat myself.

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I still tweak my map here and there. It has taken some time to get it right and there are still imperfections, but it works. Looks Like @GFjim (Very Kind Of You!) set you up with a nice file! That is very nice! Amsterdam has a neat layout with the beehive so it does make a good laser cut map!


I like your map a lot!

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Thank you! Now I just need to perfect it and monetize it somehow to pay to support my laser habit.


Thanks for the snazzymaps tip! Been wanting to do this, but it just seemed so overwhelming!

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Glad to help! I had the same overwhelming feeling when I started them.