Using chipboard to get my London map dialed in

This is my first attempt at having a 3 layer map. Before I’ve only engraved the roads and cut the water lines. I’m pretty happy with it. Btw there’s no char, just where I rubbed my soot covered fingers all over it.


Wow, this looks great. I’m going to have to try this. I always get stumped on how to extract the files from the sites!


I use a site called snazzymaps. Once I got past the voice I used this method and tweaked it just a little for what I wanted.


Wow, thanks for that. It sounds doable. I’ve avoided them because it all sounds so complicated. He really simplified it!


I was really overwhelmed at first but after making a few files it’s a lot easier now. The biggest thing for me is making sure I clean up the nodes around the file to get a clean cut.

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Thanks again, this is now back on my to do list for Christmas!

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If you have any questions just give me a shout. I’ll help the best I can.


I am bookmarking this!

I always thought maps had to be difficult, or I had to find the perfect map to make it amazing. But, this really simplifies to the point that it doesn’t seem that overwhelming!

Thanks for sharing this!


I was in the same boat but with this method it’s not bad and turns out a GORGEOUS result. I especially like making maps with lots of water and bridges.

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Great vid! Love to make maps with the GF! I did Amsterdam. So many cities, so little time!


What materials are you using?

The map is 3 mm poplar ply. I like it because it cuts a lot faster, but is still very nice. The back and frame is 3mm birch ply which gives it a little weight. The color is just flat black spray paint. Fun project!


and @MakerMatthew I too, am interested in the materials and settings, however…we only post such info for non-Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section. What you can do is start a separate post w/materials & settings there, and link back to this discussion.

May you both have a lovely day! I can’t wait to read more.

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Thanks for the link to Snazzy Maps! Another rabbit hole to go down…

I was trying to follow in the video, but maybe I missed it. How do you save the map image from Snazzy Maps?

At one point I saw a download button, but when I try to do it myself I don’t see any way to download/save the image (outside of screen capture)?

There is a download button in the menu area on the left side of the screen. You may have to register to use it I don’t remember, but registration is free.

Yeah, I did register and signed up for a google-cloud API key. But I will look again for the download button. (I was using Chrome on Windows.)

I watched the video again (and tried again), and my options are not the same. :frowning:

Yea I dont know. That’s not what I see on mine either and I’m also using chrome.

Are using Windows or a Mac? Maybe that is the difference?