Using Cuttle's parameters to cut leather strings/cords/tassels

I have been dabbling with leather projects using the Glowforge. One thing I wanted to make was strings, or cords, of thin leather to use as tassels for personalized bookmarks. To “systematize” the process of cutting the cords I created a Cuttle Project that parameterizes three factors: the width of each string, or cord, the length of each one, and the total count of how many to cut. Here are some pics and a video showing how I cut a batch of six that were .125" wide (⅛" for those of you that prefer fractions) and 9.25" long. I taped a piece of thin (.045") scrap leather to a piece of cardboard and set the zooms and pew-pews close to PG Thin Natural Leather. This wasn’t rocket science by any means, but it got the job done. The Cuttle Project is here: Leather Strings/Cords/Tassels. You can change any of the parameters by sliding the “adjusters” on the right side of the project. Give it “a go” and you may come up with some other uses – please share your ideas!



This is a great example of how a simple design can use variables in Cuttle. Great use of scrap too!

I like that the way you designed it means no overlapped lines, such as if one were to do it with rectangles. :sparkling_heart:


To inkscape users who want to do this sort of thing, look up how to use clones. Similar results are possible.


Thanks for the unintentional reminder for me to try cuttle. lol I now remember reading about it but never tried it. Maybe i can try it when I have time off at Christmas. :slight_smile:


There is of course this that I use on all my leather scrap…

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Lovely project. Thanks for the share.


Great work and great use of Cuttle.

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Very nice. I’ve thought of trying that myself. Maybe now I will.