Using engraving foil

Hi! I’m looking to make a sign using engraving foil on 1/8 wood. Does anyone have experience with this? Anyone know the settings that can be used? I’ve tried with the score feature and played with the power and speed settings but can’t get it quite right, where there’s no trace of scoring on the edges. I’ll be trying with a painted white base to see if there’s less trace, but we’ll see. any tips would be great!!! Thanks!!!

I haven’t done it myself yet, but here are a couple of forum threads that might get you started in the right direction:

(I searched on the word “foil” and limited the search to the “Beyond the Manual” section. Because of the rather generic search term you get a lot of noise, but digging through those results might yield more like these.)


yes I’ll continue to fiddle around with settings and material. So far the score setting is working best. Now in terms of the foil itself sticking to the wood, how secure is this? I mean we make things with the intention that it will last. Anyone know how long the backing of the foil lasts?