Using laser printer toner for color fill



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Still hung up

Way cooler effect on clear plexi!

Same procedure I did on the wood.

Looking for advice about filling in engrave on transparent acrylic

Very nice! Do you think it’ll hold up to wear and tear?


Very interesting effect! It almost looks like leather texture/pattern.As questioned earlier - how does it stand up? Can you wipe (lightly) with damp rag w/o color loss? Was wondering if the red cloth underneath the acrylic in the 1st picture is the one used to wipe down after lasering? (Just curious how much product was used for those small rectangles).
Thanks so much for all you laser tips, techniques and projects you share in the forum!


I think I need to do deeper etching but not bad for first try…I washed this off with soap and water with a soft sponge. But I can pick it off a little so not really strong…may need a clear coat.
Done on white plexi


Again deeper cut would probably be better


I did a short vid showing scratching the surface…I was scratching pretty hard. Just a bit came off the edge, so fairly durable.


Ya know I could be doing this on the Glowforge if only someone would make me a beta tester…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:


Yeah, what she said :smile:

Nice job on this.


Wooo! Team Mystic! Also awesome technique!


Very cool, now where to source cheap laser toner???

Your mission, @smcgathyfay, should you care to accept it, is to run 4 passes over whatever works best, one pass each for C,M,Y, & K.

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There’s a bunch left over when the laser printer says its empty…I’ve got lots for now. :grinning:


Working on it! Cool experiments!


Thats not a cloth…its the masking tape that I wiped down wth a damp paper towel so the toner wouldn’t blow all around…lol


Way cool! Piling it on thick really did the trick. :smiley:


I’m really interested in the idea of seeing what tie dye or different dye powders would do. Also any idea of the effect of putting a pane of glass over the powder? from an old frame or something.


I’m thinking the reason this works is because the toner is made to melt…I doubt regular dye will act the same way…


I wonder if a thin sheet of rigid yet transparent to the CO2 laser wavelength material could be placed above the toner to allow the laser through to work it’s magic, and keep air assist from blowing away.


I turned off air assist…


yeah just wondering what we can do with the glowforge since the air assist may be permanently on.