Using long THICK pieces that don't fit through the pass-through slot

The round piece of wood I am engraving is 1" thick and 19" round so I was unable to properly place my round in the GF to engrave my design. So after doing lots of searching on forms and youtube I found some information about the “LID OPEN” issue of trying to use the GF Pro with the front pass-through door open. I found this VERY helpful comment! I then promptly cut out this great template and began my search locally for magnets that worked…there was the problem, I couldn’t find anywhere locally with comparable magnets so I bought a few options at my local craft store. I ended up using .75" round magnets… while trouble shooting I found that the slots at the sides of this template actually don’t need magnets I ended up just taping one magnet on each side of the lid lip and it works perfectly. I just played around with the placement until the lights brightened and the “LID OPEN” warning goes away. I used some scrap pieces of material and masking tape in addition to the template I printed out to block the rest of the open space where the wood extended that would usually be covered by the front door. I did have some smoke leak through but it was too bad for my 2 hour print session-a fan pointed toward it might have helped.
Now I am not condoning you doing this or telling you it’s safe. This is just what I did and for my purposes it worked perfectly.


Did your engraving cover the entire piece and if so how did you manage to align things?

It didn’t cover the entire piece. I just needed a 11” round directly in the middle of my 19” piece of wood so fortunately I didn’t have to do it in sections although I do add a crosshair In a different color to my designs (and hit ignore on the app) as well as a penciled crosshair on my masking tape and line them up when placing my image for printing.

The big thing to keep in mind when overriding the lock is that you now have a Class 4 laser and everyone nearby should have safety glasses on. Don’t sacrifice your eyesight. Definitely not worth that!

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Ah yes, I understand. Good work around.