Using masking tape

I’m trying to cut on a mirrored gold acrylic

And I’m thinking of buying this masking tape. Is this a good choice for the gold acrylic and masking tape?

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That looks like what I use, for the masking tape. Although, I don’t recall what tack I have, I would say not to get the high tack. It will just make taking it back off that much harder.

I haven’t used any mirrored acrylic, so I cannot chime in on that.

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Yes this is a very good product to protect your material from the laser edge charring.

Yeah - medium tack - but keep in mind that style of masking (as opposed to the tape we use to paint with) is pressure activated. So you put it on, and then rub it down with something flat (edge of a credit card, piece of wood, piece of acrylic, plastic knife, etc.) - then rub it a bit more. If it pulls up when the laser goes over it you didn’t press enough. It’s not hard at all, should take less than 30 seconds on a full sheet of acrylic, but SO important :slight_smile:


I use it on wood, but yes, this transfer tape works great for laser masking :smiley:

I apply it with a brayer (rubber roller), but my wife prefers the scraping tool that came with her vinyl cutter

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I use a plastic putty knife with felt glued on the edge. cut felt about 1/2 inch wide by whatever size putty knife you have glue on 1/4 inch on one side 1/4 on the other

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I’ve engraved on mirror acrylic before, but I set up my design so I could engrave from the backside rather than the face. After engraving & cutting, used black spray paint to complete the engrave. That way I avoided the whole masking issue. I did place a manilla folder under the face that was down so there were no honeycomb marks from the fumes.

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I, too, prefer using a brayer.

It’s overpriced but it would work.

Check out #2, especially the end: