Using my uploaded fonts in the Glowforge app?

Hey everyone, happy new year! Quick question, hoping someone can help me. I’m new to all this so maybe this is painfully easy or obvious, but how do I use all my downloaded and installed fonts in the Glowforge app? Or can’t I? I don’t see any of my over 100 fonts I have. I do see them in my design apps that I use, but sometimes I don’t want to go the extra steps and like to create something right in the Glowforge app. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!


You can’t.

You need to use a design app and convert to path to use fonts on your local system.


Ah, ok, then I will stop trying :rofl:. Thanks for your help!


Like Eflyguy stated… in your design app, convert the text to Path. (In Inkscape, it’s the top option in the PATH Menu). If you forget to… like I’ve done a gazillion times, Glowforge will ignore it and you won’t see it.


Ok, got it! I will try that. Thanks so much for the info!

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If you signed up for Premium ( or are still under the trial period) you have access to hundreds of fonts in the design app too!

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Yes, thanks! I just realized how many there are yesterday while designing something in the app. Very good selection for sure!

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Long before I owned a Glowforge I started using Canva to design and proof, well, everything. It has truly spoiled me. The interface is super intuitive while still very flexible even on a free account. I get what you mean by wanting the fewer steps though (especially when you realize something is misspelled :upside_down_face:).

I recommend this site to literally everyone. If you’re interested this is my referral link!

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