Using "outline process" to cut out boxes within this cloud?

I’m planning to make an advent calendar for my business and was wondering if someone could help me figure out a snag I’ve hit.

In a perfect world, I would love to use the outline process feature on the app to make cut lines within each of these boxes so it makes a gridded frame. Then I would layer these on top of each other, add a back to it and a front to make an advent calendar. Hopes this makes sense! Is there an easy way to do this instead of vectorizing/importing each box then seam together?

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If I understand what you’re asking, my suggestion would be to take that into a raster program and reverse the black and white, then delete the (now) black areas so you only have the lines - then do a centerline trace in your vector program which should get you all the boxes as one piece.

Here’s a really quick go at that - you’ll need to do some editing of nodes to clean it up, but it’ll get you started



Honestly, I would just recreate it in a vector program. This is a great getting started problem for something like Inkscape.

Any sort of tracing or automation is going to introduce some inaccuracy. This design is simple enough that you could recreate it perfectly within 15-20 minutes with some practice… and it’d be exactly how you wanted it, with no compromises on the design.


The fastest way to trace something like this if it was for a small ornament or similar would be to use a raster edit app like GIMP and fill the boxes and outside with a contrasting color like red, then bring that into Inkscape and trace that.

That technique would NOT be best suited for building a physical box, as the lines would not be perfectly straight and aligned/perpendicular. For that, you need to just draw it from scratch, tracing over it for rough dimensions. As stated above, it would take a few minutes. I just tried it, took 4 minutes to get the basic shape done.

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Thank you all for the advice! I think I was able to fix the issue and tweak the design. Here’s a prototype I’m planning to launch in a couple of weeks. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’ll have a cover on it at least.


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