Using Referral Credit to buy an air filter

Does anybody know the process in which someone would use their referral credit to buy an air filter? I can’t seem to figure out how one would go about doing that. They elude to it saying you could use your referral credits to buy a new glowforge, but I have no idea what I need to do to get this ball rolling.

Send support an email and ask them if it is possible.

I’m not sure they had planned on selling the filters separately after people have already received their machines though. You’d most likely have to wait until they filled the filter backorders.


Did you ever figure this out? Either with the filter and or the glowforge?

I think they’re eventually going to offer the filter separately, but I’m pretty sure they’re planning on filling existing filter orders first. So it’s months out, since folks have projected dates in April or later.

So then do you know how to apply credits towards another glowforge machine purchase?

Nope. Pretty sure that isn’t going to be allowed. Those credits were specifically designated for use in the Materials Store and Design Catalog. (We usually get more credits as a referral than we would get if we took the cash. If you want to use referral money towards another machine, you’d want to take the cash up front. Then you can use that to buy another machine.)

The email I recieved when I recieved a referral credit says it’s possible…

“You can use your $600 credit for anything we sell: Proofgrade materials to make sure inspiration never strikes when you’re out of supplies. Designs from the Design Catalog to print that coffeemaker, handbag, or robot arm you’ve always wanted. You can even use it for spare parts like an extra crumb tray or air filter cartridge when they’re launched in our shop. In fact, if you really want to go for it, you can use the $600 credit towards a new Glowforge Basic, Air Filter, or Pro!”

I sit corrected. I guess you can. :smile:

That’s what I have been seeing too, but there isn’t a credit button on check out just like with the proofgrade shop. But I know it auto applys after you type in your credit card but last time I did this with proof grade it charge my credit card instead of auto credit deduction. I don’t want that to happen with an entire machine purchase

This is what I got just a few days ago too. Once their unit is safely in their hands, we’ll put an extra-special credit on your account (equal to 120% of your original cash bonus). We’ll also let you know how to convert it to cash if that’s what you’d prefer - or take the extra 20% and get yourself something special, like more Proofgrade materials, a styling wallet from the catalog, or even a whole new Glowforge!

Just to check, have the credits been applied to your account yet? You can check under “Credits & Billing” in your profile under “Credits for any store”.

Yep all of it has been fully applied in the any store credit section.

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