Using Silhouette

I design in Silhouette Studio with some success. Right now I just cut out right now…Newbee here.
I am wanting to cut out an image (mandala) on a piece of wood (making a journal cover) so instead of the positive space being cut I want the negative space cut out. I am not sure how to go about changing it. Can anyone help? Thanks

So you want the mandala cut out on note book cover? I think you need to go to object, modify and subtract. That should give you the cut out of the Mandala. Your need to scan a copy of the cover to Silhouette and trace it. Line up all the holes and make sure everything matches. Bring your mandala to the front of the now traced verion of your cover so that it can subtact properly. Hope this helps

thanks, I will try that

Here is a converter if you need to go from silhouette to svg. Its free. They allow up to 10 a day.

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