Using Snapmarks with Fusion 360

I do all my design in Fusion 360 and am really thankful for the work put into the Glowforge/Colorific F360 post-processor. As a Pro owner, I have access to Snapmarks and I’d love to be able to leverage them in my F360 designs to make up for the horrible misalignment of my lid cam (easily 1/2" off; so much material wasted as a result, grrr…).

It’s no problem getting the snapmarks into designs, but I can’t for the life of me get them recognized as a valid cutting toolpath. F360 complains that passes were discarded due to linking constraints (see attached). Any one of you wizards figured this out?


There is a thread that deals with snapmarks questions Here, there are quite a few people who use F360. There is also a gentleman by the handle @Secret_Sauce who works for Autodesk and is an authority on F360.
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The answer to your question is in the video I made on how to properly use the Glorwforge Colorific post processor. You can find it here:


Thanks for the response. I’ve watched that video numerous times to get up to speed using F360 with the Glowforge; I will be forever grateful for your effort, as it has improved my workflow dramatically.

My specific issue, however, is not covered in that video: How can one leverage Snapmarks in F360 post-processed files. For me, Snapmarks don’t work well, largely because F360 barfs on their shape when I attempt to create a 2D cutting profile. It doesn’t seem to like cut paths that intersect themselves (?). I have no lead in/out and am using center compensation (but have tried left/right–in computer, too). I realize this might be a personal blindspot, since I’m not very far up the F360 CAM learning curve, but I’m stuck for now.

Having said that, I have actually been able to work around the linking constraints issue by creating two separate cut paths to accommodate the unwieldy snapmark shape. However, while the resulting file seems OK in the GF interface, the GF still can’t recognize the snapmarks during a scan (they are imported into F360 from a .svg file that is known to work, so something is happening to them in F360 along the way).
This is niche upon niche upon niche (GF–>F360–>Snapmarks), but if anyone has successfully used Snapmarks with F360, please let me know how you got it to work.

Thank you!

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That made me laugh.

I would maybe compare the SVG code between the known working file and the outputted file from the post-processor. See if anything besides the location coordinates is different. That will (should?) tell you if Fusion is modifying the code when they are imported.

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Please post a downloadable shared link to your file. I’ll make you a short video showing you how to fix it.

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I can’t help with F360 or Snapmarks - but if your camera is off by 1/2" that’s a warranty issue. Under 1/4" is in spec currently. You should definitely be talking to support and either getting a fix before your warranty expires!

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I’ll take you up on that kind offer! Here’s (what should be) a downloadable shared link:

Hmmm, the Snapmarks don’t seem to show up on the shared file. Perhaps that’s indicative of a problem with them? Not sure…

In my F360 file they are green, which I think means fixed geometry, but I don’t see how that would necessarily matter.

Regardless, the SVG file is from the Dropbox link that user Dave1 posted in this thread:
Perfect Alignment Every Time - The Fiducial Alignment Ruler (design in post) , specifically the file seen here:

So, if you can show how to add that file to any F360 design and get it to export correctly with the colorific post-processor, you won’t need to bother with my specific file.