Using tablet for freehand work in Inkscape

I picked up a wacom tablet (no display) to use with Inkscape on my Mac. It’s taking a while to get used to using it even as a mouse - which is the way it seems you should start to get used to the different input style.

Anyone have any “aha moment”-style tips for learning this besides using it as a mouse?


I found mine worked exceptionally well as a coaster. :wink:


There should be a setting on the Wacom driver to make it so it’s not scaled from the square to the screen. Should be like “free cursor” or something. That really REALLY helps the learning curve. Also getting comfortable with the ctrl+z while trying the same line 40 times.

I did end up switching to an iPad with the Apple Pencil and using Adobe’s iOS Draw version. I think it’s free? You just have to have an account. And then you can share the SVG with yourself.