Using the Glowforge for Good!



I got to teach an art class at our local hospital’s Continuing Care Center as part of the Art Matters program.

I used my Glowforge, Laserwolf, to cut hundreds of Matisse-inspired shapes and we used them to make collages.

You read about the whole project on my blog


That must have been a lot of fun, and great you could use your laser to help.

What an awesome name for your laser!


Thanks! BIG Fiddler fan over here.


Great project! I’m sure they had a blast! :grinning:


I think so! One woman started out saying that it was “it wasn’t right” and that everything was “yuck yuck” but by the end she was smiling! :rofl:


That is so awesome! Crafting brings so much joy.


Wow! That is a great project for a great cause.

I’ve never seen Fiddler on the roof, so I had to look it up. I’m very disappointed there wasn’t an actual Laser Wolf. :wolf:


You’re a lovely human, this is such a wonderful and kind idea!


Nope, my laser is named after a chubby, middle-aged, widowed butcher. :vulcan_salute:


Oh how delightful! Thanks for sharing with us!


Who didn’t get the girl!


Poor Laserwolf.


Wasn’t Laser Wolf the butcher? That doesn’t look like butchering to me! In fact, when I saw this, I thought “wow, that looks a LOT like Matisse!” Excellent stuff!


They’re Matisse’s actual shapes! So it’s more of a remix than a knock-off :wink: