Using the Glowforge with 3M double-sided adhesive

I just took a look, from the date I ordered it, to the date I received it, it was 6 days, but it could be quicker for me because I’m on the west coast.

yeah, it’s saying 10 days for US right now.

I very much look forward to this video! Making my own plywood is an idea I have toyed with for a long time. I have lots of veneer! I never really thought to use 3M adhesive so that is intriguing, but I agree, glue would be a more economical choice. I am The Netherlands, after a brief search I see that 3M materials are not cheap and no abundantly available. I did do a little work with veneer and spray adhesive. That seemed to work well, but it too is a little pricey. Seems to me that you get more control using regular glue if that is possible.

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Curious why you prefer the 467MP?

My preference is solely based on size and cost per square inch, not functionality, because for my uses they both do the exact same thing and I personally can’t tell the difference.

I like that it covers the entire 12x20 sheet compared to my 10 inch roll and I feel less guilty about using it because it costs so much less overall. I do use the small roll, when I only need half a sheet covered, because I roll it down half the board and it covers 10"x12" beautifully.


Look what came in the mail. :slight_smile:

Let the sticking begin.


AWESOME!!! Good luck! Let me know if you need anything :slight_smile:


Great video! I am now going to get myself to experiment once I learn one more thing: how did you modify your settings to accommodate for the 3M adhesive to make sure it cut all the way through? GF Pro here Thanks! Off to subscribe and check out your other videos!


Thank you! I didn’t need to accommodate my settings at all as the tape is pretty thin. That was also one of my first questions when experimenting with the tape.


my massive (stinky) roll showed up today.

haven’t fired up the GF in weeks (traveling for work 2 of the past 3), so maybe this is incentive.


Did it take a long time? Mine was so fast, but I was wondering how shipping is now, especially to the east coast. I’m waiting on some other items I ordered from aliexpress, so I’m trying to get a guestimate.

pretty quick. 11 days from ordering. i was surprised.

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I’m thinking the hats I ordered will not be that fast… But good to know that the 3M tape is still shipping quickly. Here’s to hoping I don’t go through this massive roll so quickly…

Thank you for sharing! I’m all excited to make some signs for myself now and looking at the adhesive to make it loads easier. Good stuff!

How this is it? I am making a project and I am trying to figure out how to attach a top and bottom plate. Glue is usually the solution, but I am not the most fastidious glue applicator. Hot glue works great, but it sometimes makes too thick of an attachment.

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I haven’t used this stuff myself but it claims it can wick into joints:

Loctite 406 Wicking Viscosity Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive



i presume that’s supposed to say “how thick is it.” it calipers (with paper backing) at .0035 for me.


Was excited to try this, and my result is… meh. I am making a layered award base for a friend, the prototype was done with draftboard; the challenge was measuring the rise/run of the dodecagon sides based on the draftboard layer thickness to arrive at a stack that provided good strong stability with a snug fit. I ended up with four. Solid vase, three layers of increasingly large hole to hold the bottom of the award. Anyway, and any old glue.

The he saw some of my acrylic work and wanted it in acrylic. :roll_eyes: As I’d just started, I went to research and chose the 3m 467. And it’s okay… but it’s far from smooth and when you look through my test cut of a stacked and glued piece of medium green transluscent 1/8 acrylic, it looks slightly textured on the inside. Multiple layers of this, I’m afraid, are going to look like shit.

I applied the adhesive to the pieces AFTER; I cut a square from the role using a craft knife, laid it on one side of the piece and burnished it with my finger. Would I get better results using a roller, or a signmakers squeegee and really putting some elbow grease into it? I’d like to get some tips before cutting my next tests. :slight_smile:

I have applied the 3M before cutting because it is a real time saver. Your results, however, are what I experienced with all translucent acrylic. Even if I applied and burnished, I was not able to get a result that didn’t expose a stray bubble, wrinkle or imperfection. No matter what you do, the tape is not crystal clear, and your acrylic will not be as translucent as it is without the tape.


I am in analysis parlasys after reading so many posts, multiple head to head demos, etc.

Can someone with the experience just tell me what I should use for the best result? :joy: