Using Vectornator for glowforge

I have taught myself procreate and have had a lot of success just drawing, importing into glowforge for engraving and using the (premium) option of just clicking outline to get things cut out. But I want to cut out font, and cannot figure out how to outline the spaces within letters (eg e, a and g). I tried Adobe Illustrator to make svg files, but it was overwhelming for this tech dinosaur. I found Vectornator, which seems simple to use, like procreate, but I just can’t figure it out. The videos aren’t laser specific, so don’t cover this topic.
Has anyone had any success in Vectornator and willing to help?
Thank you so much


Should not be to difficult just make the font a vector.
Select the font and trace the path.


I use vectornator exclusively since its what I have access to right now.

Off the top of my head you can use the font tool, then “convert text to outline”, then click on the lines you want to cut. I find the easiest way is to select them, cut them out, then hit paste. For whatever reason this works well to isolate the line you want.

Then I would change the color of the line to help keep everything clear visually.

Hope that helps! (Also hope it made sense, I’m exhausted and bordering on a migraine)


Thank you! Yes, Ive finally got it :slight_smile:


Using outline alone on text often does not do the job as it just outlines each letter, however, if you just toss in a rectangle or ellipse across the letters included in the selection it will outline everything as a single object, after which you can set the extra ellipse to ignore or even delete it and the outline will act like it was still there.

If your also a user of Silhouette Studio this could work for you.

I have had a lot of success with using procreate to make stickers. We save the files as PNG with a transparent background and it seems to include a cut line around the shape including the gaps inside the shapes. When you open it in SS first then save as SVG


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