Using your catalog screen smarter

Ok so my GlowForge is down right now. So I guess I will play in the forums some and write a post or two. So I have had my glowforge for 10 months now and I have learned quite a bit. I thought I would shares some stuff with everyone.

For the most part when I am laser cutting I am going everything in SVG templates that match to a jig that I had have created. So far my alignment is now off, ever.

But there are times that I am want to play with a really quick print. A happy Birthday pin, a gift tag, and so one. Also if I want to test how an etch will look.

So what I have started to do is name my sheets of materials. these names match the SVG file. Once I am done with a cut, I move the layer to be a sub of “previous”. I can hide/unhide the layer so I can see how much room is left. I do not have to turn on my glowforge, test align or any of that. I just do my work.

When I get to my glowforge. I just grab the material that does to the file I worked on and place in glowforge, aligned to the bottom of the tray. I make sure my tray is pushed to the left top. Then i am off laser cutting.

The bonus to doing this it this way. This become jig, I can alway take an Item I just cut our and place it back in and add to etching. Oh I can also make wrtten notes on the material of setting to certain effects.

Thought I would share a technique that has been working for me.


This is really smart…I have a hard time being so methodical, but maybe this will inspire me to try harder!



My leftovers join their brethren until they’re a foot tall. Then the stack that I was saving to “use for something else” becomes fire fodder :slightly_smiling_face:

Good intentions…


You need some tray boots, my friend!


I’ll second this…they work a treat! :slightly_smiling_face:

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