Utility cubby for my paint rack

Next thing from my craft desk that I’ve iterated on and gotten prepared for public release.

These utility cubbies I have sitting on top of and under my paint racks.

The first purpose of them was to elevate the paint from right off the desk, because grabbing paint right against the bottom makes that part of the (very narrow) craft desk unusable (gotta move stuff to get the paint.

Second purpose was to create bins that can hold a variety of supplies (like glue), as well as store oddly sized paint pots on top of the rack.

I’ve got three more items from my desk to release, hoping to get them all prepared for the public this week.


Cool! So generous of you to share.


Thanks for sharing. I do like the Discourse setup of the Glowforge forum for extended discussion, but do wish there was a better gallery feature like thingiverse for showcasing a sharing designs here.


Very kind of you! Thank you!

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Thank you for the files.

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At least glowforge does thingiverse previews, so we can store files there and link in.

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