Valentine Gifts For My Wife

Made a vase and necklace for my wife for valentines day.

The vase is made out of pg walnut ply with a 1.5 inch diameter glass vase inserted, I initially made it out of solid walnut that I planed down to the same thickness as the pg ply, but it was very weak at the grain lines and a few pieces broke.
Each of of the ribs has a different love saying on either side.

The necklace is made out of a solid piece of walnut that i planed down and buffed smooth, the silver part is a .022" brushed silver acrylic from inventables. had to tune the engraving just right to get it flush with the walnut boarder.

Pictures in the following posts as I still cant upload more than one per post.

Vase-Point122Inch_Full_WalnutPly.pdf (733.6 KB)
Vase-Point122Inch_Full_WalnutPly_Rastered.pdf (4.5 MB)








So sweet. And, the WW?

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Awesome gift—I’ll bet she was thrilled!

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Love the vase - all those romantic sayings! :wink:

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WW - Wonder Woman’s logo :slight_smile:

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Nice work! Thank you for sharing the vase file. I believe I saw some glass like that at the local $1 store. Very cool design. :heart_eyes:

And the necklace! :open_mouth: :star_struck: Definitely going to explore the other materials from Inventables.

Great work on that inlay!

Of course

Discourse often whacks SVGs, you need to upload ones it mangles by zipping it first. This one is messed up in Inkscape and doesn’t render right in the GFUI:

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That’s a stunning gift and thank you for sharing it!

I just tweaked the settings to attempt to fix the PDF sharing problem - let me know if it’s still an issue.

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As a “new users” I am restricted and can not upload attachments so no PDF or ZIP files. Once I am no longer a “new user” I will update this post with better uploads.

If anyone can hunt down the @discourse settings to fix this I’ll make it happen - otherwise, apologies for that!

Hi @dan,

The restrictions imposed on new users are for the security of the forum itself. You can change that restrictions from (and searching for new user too) or as you have already done, manually promote the user at level 1.

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Thanks for your understanding!



I’m new to the world of iPads. Is there an app i need to download to store this file?

Not near my iPad, but I think it’s a Press and hold, then choose “save image”

Vase-Point122Inch_Full_WalnutPly.pdf (733.6 KB)
Vase-Point122Inch_Full_WalnutPly_Rastered.pdf (4.5 MB)
YAY I can upload attachments. Thanks @dan. The First file all the words are saved as vectored text so the words can be changed if you want. The second file “rastered” all the text has been rastered into separate chunks as it took forever to load the non-rastered file on the glowforge app. Enjoy.