Valentine Puzzle

This is my first puzzle. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Between Autocad and Illustrator I worked on this layout over the last two weeks. I made a big mistake at the end of my patience, but it’s not really noticeable in the final product. I accidentally expanded all the score lines of the individual hearts. I forged ahead, but the GF didn’t like them and only engraved about 50% of each heart. Cancel. Back to the drawing board. I redrew and copied the hearts again for scoring. This saved 20 minutes printing time.

I cut it out of thick draft board. This time being the first time with it. There were flames… nothing that stayed on fire, but the last ten minutes with wet rag in hand. The entire print took just under 30 minutes. I had to engrave the “R’s” twice and they still didn’t come out. I think I chose the wrong font. All in all, I’m happy with it, and my love will LOVE it.

Being that it’s 3 days before valentines day and most of us have been printing all kinds of things that aren’t necessarily heart related, I’d be happy to share the AI and SVG files if people are interested. There is one goof up on my print where the top of the hearts in the third-ish row shifted half a heart over. I fixed that in the electronic files.

There are four loose hearts. Only two go in the puzzle. I think there are 25 pieces, plus the two extra. Well, 26 if you count the frame.


Awesome job! You really can’t tell where the cuts are–nice design work!

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Yes please share this heart warming piece.

I put it on free laser designs last night.

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No harm no foul as @rpratt has already shared the design, but forum reminder:

If people volunteer their things that’s cool. If they don’t share, that’s cool too. Let them decide on their own so we don’t scare away people who might feel bad for wanting to say no or angry at someone asking for a possible for profit design. :slight_smile:


You are right, but @rpratt did say this:

So the request was valid/requested.

(I notice that every time someone says they will share if there is interest, that there is interest.)


Bravo!!! What a clever take! Mind if I steal that idea? (Let’s be real: I’m gonna steal that idea…)

Really nice job!

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OMG I printed this out and when I was done unmasking, I struggled to put it back together. LOL
So I put the finished puzzle on one of my rhinestone transfer sheets, laid it back in the GF, and added numbers to the back-kind of a little cheat sheet if your loved ones get frustrated with the puzzle. :smile:Valentine Numbered Pieces

Very nice indeed.

Great solution Jen. My loved one got frustrated and it remains incomplete in a box.

Yes I could see that happening, when all the pieces look alike. :upside_down_face: