Valentine's Day Design - Engraving/3D Engrave Candidate


Made this design today. Sculpted the heart in Zbrush and made a depth map of it, which was imported into Inkscape to add the text.

I discovered that Inkscape does in fact have a mesh gradient tool so I used that to add a little dimension to the text. This link shows how to activate it using keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s the SVG file and a PNG image to show how the artwork should appear. The SVG is Inkscape native so it may not appear correctly in other viewers because of the mesh gradients.


Don’t show my wife, otherwise she’ll force to go find a maker space to start lasering!

Great work


I hope somebody prints and shares. Curious to see how it prints.


Great design. (Can’t see an SVG download yet, though)
Inkscape’s Mesh Gradient Tool is now available by default from Inkscape 0.92 which was released 4 Jan 2017.


As always I am late to the game, haha! Time to update then! If you right click on the smaller, mostly black heart toward the bottom of the original post you get the option to download the SVG file. Guess I need to read the forum user manual to figure out how to make it a link instead of an embedded image. :slight_smile:


I’m curious too!

I’m probably going to do a 3D print of it and make a silicone candy mold with pretty deep relief, but I’d like to see how an engrave turns out.


As soon as the 3D engrave option is available on the pre-release machines I intend to be making as many as possible. I’d really like to try ‘texture mapping’ a 3D engrave too


[quote=“mpipes, post:5, topic:5663, full:true”]

If you right click on the smaller, mostly black heart toward the bottom of the original post you get the option to download the SVG file.[/quote]

Thanks. Discovered it works in Chrome & Firefox. With Win 10 Edge & IE11, right clicking the picture only gives the option to save as .png

No mesh gradients when opened in Affinity Designer.


So cool! I really appreciate you sharing this with the community.


I can’t wait to make customized gifts!!


I tried exporting as a PDF file to see if the gradient mesh would carry through, and they did not.

It appears that the workflow to make something like this for use with the Glowforge software may require making those gradient mesh items into bitmaps before importing.

@dan Thank You! I’m in between jobs right now so I’ve got some time to knock the rust off my design skills in preparation of GF delivery, and I’ll be sharing some designs along the way. :slight_smile: Any legal word on us being able to produce/share GF logo designs?


That’s in our lawyers’ hopper. :slight_smile:


OK. Will wait for the word before proceeding with any designs.


Today I re-created this design completely as a 3D model. Used Geomagic Design to make the text objects then imported them into a Zbrush file with the heart. Used Zbrush to bend/warp the text around the heart then add the taper/draft angle to the text for easier mold release in case I decide to make this into a candy mold.


Great design. It would be interesting to add grey-scale for depth to allow for GF Engraving…


See first post?


Oops. I had read that earlier but clearly had forgotten… I guess due to reading too many posts on the forum! :grinning: