Valentine's Day Mailbox for My Daughter

I actually made this last year, but now it’s back out for obvious reasons. This was my first real Glowforge project and I learned a ton from it. I’ve included the svg in case anybody wants to have at it. Note: It doesn’t not account for kerf and some lines may be double cut.

Of course she broke it last year (she was only 1 at the time), but now I get to fix it. Small nubs (1/8") and toddlers don’t mix.

Made using PG Maple Plywood (5.1 KB)


What a cute idea - and thanks for the share! :hearts:

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It’s adorable! :grinning:

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Outstanding, though I think I may repurpose it for something other than V-Day.

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Wonderful project! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I to can see other possibilities…

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Awwwwww, that’s really cute! A low-cal version of conversation :two_hearts:.


Cute little project, thank you for the file.

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What a fun project!

OMG THANKS FOR SHARING!!! That was so kind!