Valentine's Hearts

My daughter needed some Valentines to hand out at school today. I started by printing out a 4"x4" paper heart, and got her to draw a design on it:

I shrunk this down to 2"x2", engraved names on the back, and added a brass chain:


For the boys in the class, Oriana drew this “hovercraft”, and I used Milspec33558 to give them a sort of… dog tag of love feel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although something slightly derpy happened to all the "A"s in Milspec:

(And a nod to @Brotron for his control panel post which I stole the Milspec font from.)


I am sure she will be the class sweetheart today.


Great idea!

I love her artwork! :grinning:

I bet your daughter stole the spotlight! I can only image all the smiling faces in her classroom.