ValleyForge2 has arrived!



Box was pristine (albeit upright), they did ask for a signature, and all 4 handles are in place! Sadly if I didn’t already have a PRU I would be very disappointed as the tray is due to arrive tomorrow apparently (argh, requiring a signature 2 days in a row!!! He carried it into my front hallway at least which was nice but apparently those arrows don’t mean a lot…



Your box is in way better shape than mine. Must be the extra 175miles mine traveled.


Glad to see you finally got your foreverforge!! Looking forward to what you produce on a non PRU !! Congrats!! (and drat on UPS for the crumbtray) …wait did I read 4 handles !!! isn’t that a record?


Four handles! That’s a good sign.

Congrats on getting it! Good luck with first cuts.


Welcome to the world of production units. Get ready for those amazing updates that haven’t applied to PRU.


And a power supply that doesn’t occaisionally shut itself off at the start of a job…


Congrats man! Did you order a basic or pro?



The prevalence of units arriving with 4 handles seems to be on the rise… anyone else notice that?


Basic since I intend to bring this to the hospital for teaching purposes and before the covers it would have required the students to wear goggles…