Vanillabox is... being rethought?


Sadly, it seems that the fellows behind Vanillabox didn’t get enough orders to see their desktop laser hit large-scale production. I just noticed that they had this notice on their Shopify website:

It’s our sad news to announce that we did not successfully attract enough backers to go forward with further development and production of the vanillabox laser cutter. We’d like to thank all those who did back us (you’ve been emailed separately) and to everyone who has supported us through emails, tweets and interest during this project. As of right now, we are unsure what future the vanillabox has.

We will not be going into production before some serious reflection. However we will keep the mailing list running, as we feel sure you’d want to know if anything changes! It’s been a very interesting journey and we’ve learned a lot about people’s expectations around what a desktop laser cutter should be. Thank you and all the best in your future lasering endeavours!

Team vanillabox

Dominic Morrow, Martin Raynsford, Ian Dickinson


Sorry to hear about that. @m_raynsford has really put a lot into it.


Yes, really sorry to hear it. I thought it had a lot of potential–I hope there will still be a future for the collaboration.


I was hoping that @m_raynsford would have a hit on his hands and was waiting for it too bee offered on this side of the Atlantic

Hoping for better luck when he tries again


Aw man, that’s unfortunate news. I know there is a pretty good demand for affordable lasers on that side of the pond. I have a feeling their marketing wasn’t as prevalent as it could have been.


vanillabox is being rethought would be a much more appropriate title really.
Apparently a lot of people want it but a lot of people don’t want to pay for it which is fairly standard really :slight_smile:


“There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” and other such, I suppose.




Anything this community could do to help?


You mean, like, dropping our Glowforge orders and buying the vanillabox? :astonished::wink:


Ha! Not exactly. More like brainstorming or problem solving or focusing our combined psychic energies to inundate the “rethinking” with good vibes.


Sorry, slow replying. The failure is largely our own fault, most of this community is in the US so it’s just not a viable product for most of the people here. Who knows when it’ll pop up again but I’ve certainly got a lot of other things I can concentrate on in the meantime.


I’m sad this didn’t work out. It looked like a cool project.