Various little projects!

The Glowforge is sooo much fun! I spent the last couple of weeks working on various little projects.

This first one was for my young son. On one of the shelves attached to his bed, he has several of his favorite books and they were always falling over so I decided he needed a bookend. Asked him what sort of design he wanted on it (Kirby) and got to work.

This was designed completely from scratch in Inkscape. Two very simple shapes so nothing very complicated. Very tight finger joints hold the two pieces together. Just tapped them together with a soft mallet. No glue necessary. The image was a coloring book picture I found via Google. I just added a few shades of gray to make it a little more interesting. I’m really happy with how it turned out! :smiley:

This next project was a gift for a friend for his birthday. Its a money/credit card clip. The original pattern was from Steve Good’s scroll saw designs though I ended up having to redraw the pattern in inkscape because the pattern lines weren’t very straight. Bird image was a clipart I found via Google. My friend just loved it! :smiley:

And lastly, this project was something my daughter asked me to help her with. She has an online comic called “Fallen Flowers” and is currently running a contest for her readers. The top 5 winners will be receiving a custom made keychain with the image of a cute little Llamba creature that she created.

So, since mom has this fancy new toy…she asks me to help her make them. I say “Suuuure! But I get one of the keychains too!” LOL! :smiley:


Those are great! (And the little critters are adorable! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! :smiley:

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Great projects! Is that a wide elastic band holding the card case together? Cool idea!

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Ok, you are officially having fun!! Very nice work!

Thank you! And yup! It’s a 1” wide elastic band. The main part is cut from the 1/8” proofgrade medium maple hardwood. :smiley:

Edit for correction. Had to go double check. It was hardwood not plywood. LOL!

Yes! Yes I am! LOL! Thank you! :smiley:

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